???? Drum roollllll please ????
???? we are proud to announce that
Realtors Who Shrine have donated
???????? $70,864 + ????????
To Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California
Last year we did $32,000 and this year we did $40,000 ish so more than our first year.
???????????? our goal for next year is to double our donations to date ????????????
Please join us next year if you are thinking of buying or selling. If your are getting a loan or refinancing. Need solar or insurance? Call us and we can help you and donate to the hospital in your name.
Did you know that a wheelchair ????‍????cost $35,000. Or how about the cost of prosthesis ?????
We donate so children can heal, thrive and live an amazing full life ❤️
Call, email or text us❣️