Choose a REALTOR ® Who Gives Back

REALTORS® Who Shrine are REALTORS® who care about kids! When you select a REALTOR® Who Shrines to buy or sell a home, that agent donates 25% of their own commission to Shriners Hospitals for Children - Northern California. It doesn't cost you anything. Your choice can help a child with complex health issues get [...]

2021-09-17T08:46:00-07:00By |Giving, Realtor|

The RWS Tribe Donated More than $70,864

???? Drum roollllll please ???? ???? we are proud to announce that Realtors Who Shrine have donated ???????? $70,864 + ???????? To Shriners Hospitals for Children - Northern California Last year we did $32,000 and this year we did $40,000 ish so more than our first year. ???????????? our goal for next year [...]

2021-09-17T08:47:21-07:00By |Giving|
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